Friday, May 24, 2013

Visit to Washington state

Last week I continued my "escape from my comfort zone" quite literally. I went to Washington state to attend an art workshop put on by the Urban Sketchers, May 17-19. And I decided to take up an offer by a former boss, Dan Morris, and pay him and his wife, Amy, a visit. They live in Anacortes, way up north. How far up north? Well I could see Canada from their house! OK, I exaggerate  bit but not by much. It is beautiful country, islands everywhere. Oh, and green, very green! I got the itch to sketch and knew right off that I could not come close to capturing imagines of this wonderfully scenic part of the world. But I tried anyway. Amy took me to LaConner for lunch one day. We sat at a table overlooking a river or lake.

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