Monday, July 18, 2011

I am eating!

I had a serious appetite problem a few months back -- I barely ate and it showed. So gradually I've been hard at work finding food I like to eat and then eating it. (I often can't finish a meal on the spot, so that's why God created take-out boxes.) :) I did enjoy this breakfast at Oakland's Rolling Dunes restaurant last Friday (July 15) with friends, Anne and Carol. There was enough left for the next morning! YUM!!!

dancing in the streets

On July 10 I attended the Temescal Street Fair in Oakland's Temescal District and tried my hand at illustrating the event. An awesome group was on stage belting out soul music and at the risk of hearing loss I managed to put what I saw on paper.

still sketching

Although I haven't updated this blog recently, I am still sketching. A few of my sketches were not post-able, but I found a few that I can live with. Earlier this month I was at Jack London Square in Oakland and decided to sketch Jack's own cabin