Monday, November 5, 2012

digital sketch

Even though I haven't been posting regularly lately, I still leave the house armed with my sketchbook, pencils, pens and erasers --  well as a mini watercolor kit and water brush. Come to think of it I was wondering why my handbag is so heavy. I have added a new sketchbook to my arsenal but I won't be toting that around all over town because it is a Kindle Fire tablet. Small that it is I just can't stuff anything else into my purse.

Back to digital sketching -- it's become my latest obsession. As soon as I discovered that I could download drawing apps to the Kindle I was on my way. It is different than drawing on paper -- I'm still trying to remember how to use this tool and that other tool. So I may be posting my digital creations along with my "old school" sketches.

On Nov. 2 I attended my first Day of the Dead event with a sketching group in San Francisco. I saw altars dedicated to deceased loved ones, skeletons, with and without bodies, a parade or procession with music and dancers and crowds of people -- usually crowds make me uneasy but my curiosity got the better of me.

My first digital sketch is that of an altar. I'm still experimenting with the color tools so I didn't use them as much. It was fun, invigorating even. I will be using every spare minute exploring and practicing to see what else I can do as a digital sketcher.